Governance Structure

Founding Committee

By default, the founding team is the only committee that can make proposals for treasury outflows and inflows.

Board Delegation

As the intricacies of managing the DAO become more complex and time-consuming, the Founding Committee will be expected to create new delegations assigned to certain responsibilities, including but not limited to, community management and treasury management.

The delegation will take place 18–24 months after the DAO is formed and the token is launched.

Phase 1: Centralized

Phase 2: Hybrid

Phase 3: Fully decentralized

Community Board

Community engagement is the core of any successful project. As a result, the Community Board will be responsible for actively managing community engagement and expectations, and working directly with the treasury board to determine incentives for community members.

This community will consist of 5 members, of which one member shall be from the founding team (ideally the CEO or COO). The rest of the community members shall be appointed as follows. Two from the founding team and two from the community.

Given the time-consuming nature of managing a vibrant community, the community board must be adequately incentivized. The community board shall be compensated based on a predetermined KPI that is mutually agreed upon at the beginning of the year with the founding team and team members. Members will then be re-evaluated on an annual basis based on performance and re-nominated accordingly.

Community-nominated member terms: 1-year

Treasury Board

The treasury board will have the responsibility of managing the treasury that shall benefit all token holders. This involves diversifying the treasury assets in order to maintain a balanced portfolio to weather significant market downturns. The team will work with market makers and market participants to buy and sell treasury assets as they deem fit for the benefit of the community. They will also work closely with the community board to communicate all treasury management decisions with the community.

Treasury Board Objective:

  • Diversify treasury and adjust staking rewards for sustainability

  • Research, analyze, and make decisions around capital management

  • Present proposals in connection with community members

  • Incentive determination for governance members

  • Drive overall growth of treasury

This committee shall consist of five members, of which one member must come from the community board and one from the founding team (aka the CFO). The other three board members will be appointed by the founding team. These members must have extensive experience and knowledge of decentralized finance instruments and demonstrate prowess with rewards for managing treasury for other protocols. Members may be any qualified individual or a service provider representative or service DAO representative.

Due to the complexities and significant time required to actively manage a treasury, the founding team must allocate adequate incentives to the committee members in order to attract the most qualified individuals for this committee. The incentives should be tied to the overall performance of the treasury and the basket of treasury portfolio indexes predetermined by the committee at the beginning of the year and also reviewed and approved by the founding team.

Committee decisions will be based on a unanimous vote among the committee members. This implies that all decisions must have buy-in from the community through the community board representative and decisions will be communicated with the community via the community board. All treasury decisions must be appropriately communicated to the community in order to manage the community’s expectations.

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