Regular Season

This comprises of;

How to Enter Regular Season

Players with 1 Mirror NFT can participate in the Regular Season, which requires a battle pass and energy to enter.

Regular Knockout Match

Upon entering the tournament the game will automatically assign players a random size map with 6, 8, or 10 players for different map sizes. In the game, players will be eliminated once their Health Points(HP) go to zero, leaving the last player who is not eliminated to win. Depending on the size of the map, the number of victors is divided into 1, 2 and 3 players.

During the game, the floor in the scene will gradually fall according to the time, and the time of the last floor falling will be different in different sizes of scenes. The time will be within the 90s - 120s.

Regular Points Match

Unlike the Regular Knockout Match, the point Match eliminates the Health Points rule. In the Points Match, players get 2 points for knocking down an enemy from a platform or lose 1 point for being knocked down. In the end, players will be ranked according to the total number of points to be settled.

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