Interoperable Game Matrix

Why Interoperable Game Matrix

We are trying to create Virtual Worlds that are AI-powered, game-matrixed, and asset-interoperable. And in the process of creating a Proof of concept, we have developed a set of Web3 developer tools: Matrix Core Engine, designed to allow more game content creators to join our ecosystem, enrich the world of digital content and share the value from the ecosystem development.

Before we get into the Mirror World Matrix, let's start by explaining why we want to create an Interoperable Game Matrix.

NFT's Value Breakdown

It has to be acknowledged that NFT has brought about a change in thinking, and that was the starting point for our entry into the Web3 industry. We agree with the underlying technical design of the NFT and the concepts of decentralization and a new paradigm of ownership, and hope that the NFT itself will bring longer-term value to its owners, rather than being overwhelmed by the bubble promoted by the market and losing sight of its core existence. So here is where the first question arises: how do we measure NFT value?

Inspired by the CACAU NFT Valuation Model, we believe that NFT Value is made up of two core components: Narrative Value and Utility Value.

NFT_Value=Narrative_Value+Utility_ValueNFT\_Value =Narrative\_Value+ Utility\_Value

Narrative Value refers to the value of the abstract part of the NFT, emphasizing the long-term development of a macro narrative, the degree of abstraction of which depends on the positioning of the project and the amount of effort invested. Specifically, the design philosophy, cultural significance, values, and aesthetic values behind the NFT can be classified as Narrative Value, i.e. creating value for the overall narrative of the NFT.

Utility Value refers to the part of the experience that the NFT brings to the owner, which is based on the consumption of the content. For example, the experience of gaming & entertainment content, the experience of actual tool interaction, the experience of engagement with DAO governance, etc.

Further, these Narrative Values and Utility Values interact and influence each other, and a range of other value captures are made, such as Community Value, Re-Creation Value, and so on.

Make the Static, Non-Interactive NFT, Dynamically Interactable

Within this value-building relationship, **** we found that some of the problems with existing NFT projects are that there is a strong narrative value, but the utility value is lacking. And even **** if **** it is difficult to bring Utility Value to the user if the NFT is out of scenarios because these static, non-interactive NFTs don't bring any experience to users.

So from our point of view, what we wanted to do was to make the static, non-interactive NFT, dynamically interactable and increase their utility value. At the narrow level of interaction, we chose to make NFT conversational by interacting at the logical level of language. This is because we believe that the linguistic expression of a digital individual is more likely to bring out the 'personality' behind it, and that the user will be able to create a degree of emotional connection with the digital individual.

To make NFT truly dynamic and interactive, not only in terms of language logic, but also in terms of action and behavioural logic, the game is the ideal scenario: the player can fight, grow and evolve in the game world together with his virtual partner.

In this case, the next question we ask is how to make NFT Value more sustainable.

Finding the Optimal Solution: Game Matrix

Here, our solution is to build a matrix of games in different genres and empower them with AI. This is because we need to extend the Narrative Value and further increase the Utility Value over a longer period of time.

The construction of more different types of game content directly enriches the different cultural values, design concepts, worldviews, etc. behind the project, which further enriches and prolongs Narrative Value.

And meanwhile, we believe that the richness of game content has a direct impact on Utility Value, as more game content also directly extends the cycle of digital content that players can consume and enrich the content they can experience. Therefore, by building a game matrix with more game genres and content, and being empowered by AI to generate more interactive & dynamic digital content, Utility Value can be increased.

It is also worth emphasising here that all of this is built around NFT itself, which requires us to build a multi-game world where assets are interoperable.

Therefore, Mirror World Matrix was born.

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