Core Assets: MWM Token & Mirror NFT

Mirror World Matrix Token Overview

  • Mirror World In-Game Utility Value

  • Game Developer Economic Incentive

  • Mirror World Governance

There is only one token in the Mirror World Game Matrix, the Mirror World Matrix Token (MWM Token). This token combines game developer economic incentive, in-game utility value and governance value to create an interoperable game world of assets.

Mirror World In-Game Utility

In Mirror World's games, MWM Token is used as a key and essential in-game resource to help players develop and improve their game performance, as well as a key in-game currency for the purchase of props & assets in certain scenarios.

Game Developer Economic Incentive

Mirror World was created with the intention of creating a myriad of game worlds, and the creation and enrichment of these game worlds requires the participation of more game developers, so in order to encourage more game developers to publish their content on Mirror World, Mirror World encourages the use of the Matrix Core Engine and use MWM Token as a economic incentive to stimulate and support other game developers to create their games. In addition, Mirror World will assist in co-designing the use of MWM Token as a key resource in other game worlds.

Mirror World Governance

MWM Token also has a governance value in Mirror World. In fact, the construction of a DAO is something that Mirror World has been thinking about, allowing MWM Token to participate in in-game governance and out-of-game governance, giving full play to the governance value of MWM Token in the Mirror World ecosystem.

Mirror NFT Overview

  • One Pass to Mirror World Matrix

  • Intelligent Virtual Beings with Independent Personalities

  • Mirror World In-Game Governance

One Pass to Mirror World Matrix

In Mirror World, Mirror NFTs can be thought of as a one pass that allows players to travel through different game worlds and experience different game content.

Intelligent Virtual Beings with Independent Personalities

Intelligent Virtual Beings

Mirror NFTs not only take the player through the different game worlds of Mirror World, offering different benefits and additional rewards, but are also intelligent NFTs that carry artificial intelligence. More specifically, Mirror is a virtual being with the ability to communicate and generate autonomous behaviour. At this stage, Mirror holders can talk directly to Mirror, while in the future it will be able to generate behaviours in specific environments

On-chain Properties

Further, due to the naturally tradable nature of NFTs, the price of their assets is influenced by a number of factors, so to protect this property, we record the Hash Value of all the important properties associated with the asset on the blockchain, mainly the basic properties of each Mirror NFT and the Intelligent Level. As the Intelligent level increases, it will have a direct impact on the in-game performance of the Mirror, in addition to increasing the richness of the dialogue.

Mirror World In-Game Governance

In addition, each Mirror NFT will also act as an in-game governance credential, allowing every player who is actually involved in the game to participate in in-game governance activities.

Mirror NFT In-Game Attributes

Each Mirror NFT in Mirror World Games has a different attribute profile: Rarity, Faction and Intelligent Level.


In Mirror World, there are two generations of assets: Gensis Mirror and Generation2 Mirror. They have a unique position both in the Mirror World worldview and in the specific game. At the same time, they also have different rarity levels.

Gensis Mirror










Generation 2 Mirror













In Mirror World, in addition to the Gensis Mirror, there are three Factions: Vida Faction, Xeon Faction, Nova Faction.

Intelligent Level

Each Mirror NFT has a maximum intelligence level of 6.

Max experience per day approx. 92 XP.

Level 0Level 1(Sweet Dream)Level 2(Link Reality)Level 3(Small Talk)Level 4(Quick Learn)Level 5(Deep Think)Level 6(Awakening)


Experience Required








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