Mirror World Overview

The ​Mirror World Matrix is an ecosystem of autonomous game worlds inhabited by intelligent NFTs, powered by Matrix Core Engine, and interconnected by Mirror World Matrix Token to accelerate Web3 game development.

Each of these digital worlds constitutes of four fundamental elements:

  • Worldview (Game Worlds)

  • Digital World’s native beings (AI NFT)

  • Digital World's builder and contributors (Community & DAO)

  • Governance & Economics (Blockchain)

The economics of Mirror World is powered by two value cycles to balance platform governance and to create Web 3 Game Worlds with AI characters and Blockchain.


With Mirror World, gamers can consume AI-powered Gaming Content from any of the games within the Mirror World Matrix and generate the main utility token MWM Token by playing. Periodically Gamers can also draw cards from our marketplace, in hopes of higher rarity characters that allow for higher returns across the ecosystem.


Mirror World allows developers to develop and distribute AI-powered Game Worlds powered by Matrix Core Engine and receive a share of the native MWM Token yielded from these games.

Matrix Core Engine

The Matrix Core Engine follows a Modular Design, developers join the Mirror World Ecosystem to build worlds as games on top of existing modules. With each crypto game, Mirror World aims to provide its community with easy cross-platform development and distribution to express the most interesting worldview.

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