In-game Item & Talent

The Item System and Talent System influence the player's in-game performance.

Item System

Items can be divided into two types: long-term item categories and one-time use items. Among them, the item category includes weapons, gloves, clothes, and shoes; one-time use items include bombs, rockets, and boxes.

  • Weapons are divided into melee and long-range weapons, weapon items with their own functions, players pick up the weapon, the attributes will be added to the character itself, and the bonus effect is maintained until the weapon is destroyed.

  • Gloves, clothes, shoes, and weapons currently exist only as talent-triggered props and do not carry their own attributes.

Item Generation Rules

All items are generated in the battlefield game and will be dropped at random locations in the scene at different x-second intervals depending on the size of the map.

Item Destruction Rules

Talent System

Talent is used to add a buff to each game, divided into weapon talent, boots talent, gloves talent, and clothes talent.

There are 5 tiers of talents in each category, 3 talents in each tier, and each tier can only choose one of the 3 talents .

  • Players can choose their talents in these four equipment parts before the battle, and the talent effect will be triggered when the corresponding item is picked up in the battle, and the triggered Buff effect will be added to the character itself.

  • Talent is tied to NFT, different NFT has different talent point methods and talent unlocking progress. The activation of talents can only be activated layer by layer, the lower the talent, the stronger the effect.

  • The unlocking of talents is related to the character's class. A 5-star character will unlock all 5 tiers of talents directly, a 4-star character will unlock 4 tiers of talents, and so on.

After a character has been upgraded to a higher level, you can consume character class power-ups to unlock the tier of the corresponding class.

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