AI-Powered Souls

The Intelligence That Connects Mirror World and Its Partner


Mirror World created the world’s first intelligent NFT collection in May of 2021, auctioning it commercially. Mirror World extended that endeavor to bring more NFTs to life through its launch of the AI-powered Soul.

More Than Identity

In the Web 3.0 World, recording users' underlying economic rewards on the underlying Blockchain protocol will not only allow a higher degree of data transparency, stronger interoperability, and interactivity, but also a larger network effect for the project. NFTs are products of the Blockchain Protocol layer, innately tradable, and carry information flow. By definition, an information medium that is minted as an NFT (Eg. JPEGs, Music, or Video), will carry liquidity and transactions.

AI Agent

However, we believe that NFT projects can offer much more than a mere representation of digital identity to its holders, the unique properties of these digital assets should offer more utility values to its users while expressing the project's culture and worldview. With our Matrix Core Engine **** connecting us with the underlying protocols, we intend to create dGames on top of the blockchain layer to enrich the NFT interactivity and provide better utility value for users.

Those dApps will be powered by native AI agents that inhabit Mirror World.

Since the conception of Mirror World, we've always wanted to make static, non-interactive NFTs dynamic and interoperable. Our AI agents are able to communicate with users both via language, as well as actions. There are multiple projects solely focused on ontological AI, but we believe that in a digital world, emotional connection is created not only with conversational interactions but a combination of events and interactions.

Attention: we are currently in the development phase of this tool kit, we will be taking applications with a very selective process for qualified game developers of any size and gradually open up our capabilities to game studios, you can find the application form here to discuss with the team:\

Use Case

The intelligence behind Mirror NFTs is called a Soul. The Soul is an Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Chip, which can help your NFT become dynamic and interactive. Every Soul NFT can be bounded to an existing NFT, thus bringing them to life.

As we say, we want to provide long-term utility value to NFT and make NFT from static to dynamic and interactive. So we're throwing a big party and trying to bring different NFT projects together in the process, linking them up through Soul and having fun with Mirror World.

Holders of Partner NFT projects will be able to claim a Soul NFT from Mirror World. The owners of NFTs listed below can claim one “Soul” NFT for each owned NFT in listed NFT collections. Each NFT can only claim once. We aim to bring partners' NFTs into our ecosystem with Souls.

A list of the projects that are entitled to claim a Soul Chip are listed here: ****

In addition to being able to link different NFT projects to join the Mirror World party, Soul also plays an important role in Mirror World, as it gives each Mirror the ability to talk and also influences how the Mirror performs in the game. It is worth noting that in Gensis Mirror, each Mirror already contains a Soul Chip that enables it to talk, while Mirror Generation 2 need to get a Soul Chip in order to have the ability to talk and perform better in the game.

Technical Implementation

The algorithm behind Soul is called the Unstable Brain Algorithm, which takes care of the conversational, and behavioral capabilities of our ecosystem NFTs.

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