Added Value

Usecases and Value Proposition of the AI Algorithm

General Use cases

Here are some of the supported technologies and their API formats:

  • For games, you can use the API to perform actions in the game and to get the characters' responses

  • For chatbots, you can use the API to do text-based conversations

  • For web-based games, you can use the API to get the characters' responses and to perform actions in the game


UnstableBrain has the capability to be adapted to a variety of technologies and applications through the provided API from our website.

The APIs have an industry-standard format that can be adapted to most technologies that require Character control, emotion-based predictions, and responses.

Additionally, the API can be used for multiple applications such as the creation of games, chatbots, and many others. UnstableBrain is a useful tool that can be used for a variety of applications, and we are happy to be able to give a free demo to the public.


Once you register on the website and get your API Key and Secret, you can head to the application section and create an application.

The application will automatically deploy a node for you on our AWS servers based on your requirements and provide you with a hash that you can use in our SDK alongside your Key and Secret Key to connect to our platform.

Once you configured the application and are ready to go to production, we will store your hash on-chain. But only the application owner and people who have been provided with the authority can use the hash.

Attention: we are currently in the development phase of this tool kit, we will be taking applications with a very selective process for qualified game developers of any size and gradually open up our capabilities to game studios, you can find the application form here to discuss with the team:

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