The Dungeon Mode

Dungeon Introduction

Dungeon Mode is another of Mirrama's game modes, with higher entry requirements and higher rewards. Players are required to pass higher levels within a limited time frame, which directly determines the rewards they can gain.

  • Time Limit: The total time for Dungeon Mode is 15 minutes.

  • Points for Monsters: For each monster killed, the corresponding points will be added. When the player's points bar is full, all monsters will be cleared and the boss will appear, which will only be considered a pass when the player kills the boss.

    • If players kill the boss within 15 minutes, it will be considered a success and will be counted in the NFT character's Ranking System and players will get the rewards for killing the BOSS

    • If it takes longer than 15 minutes, it will be considered a failure and will only be rewarded for killing the BOSS and will not be counted in the character's Ranking System

    • If players give up before killing the boss, they will not be counted in the character's Ranking System and will not get rewards

  • Regeneration: A player NFT character could be regenerated infinitely after death in Dungeon Mode. However, there is a time penalty, which results in the following table.

  • Rewards for Killing the Boss: Successful kills of bosses will be rewarded with 1-8 different pieces of equipment.

Number of DeathsTime Penalty













Entry Requirements

Character Level Requirements

The initial requirement to enter Dungeon Mode is that the currently selected NFT character has reached level 200.

Battle Pass

Each time players enter Dungeon Mode, they will need to consume a Battle Pass.

Dungeon Unlocking

  • When unlocking the dungeon, Dungeon 1 is unlocked by default.

  • As players clear the level, they unlock different levels of higher Dungeon depending on the time taken to clear the level, as detailed in the following table:

Clearance TimeUnlocking Dungeon Levels

<5 minutes

unlock 5 dungeon level

<8 minutes

unlock 3 dungeon level

<12 minutes

unlock 2 dungeon level

>=12 minutes

unlock 1 dungeon level

Dungeon Leaderboards and Rewards

There are two types of Dungeon Leaderboards: weekly and monthly Leaderboards

  • Ranking rules: Dungeon level > time to pass > time to play. If players are of the same level, they will be ranked according to the time taken to clear the game, and those with less time will be ranked first; if players are of the same level and have the same time to clear the game, they will be ranked according to the time taken to finish the game, and those who finish the game first will be ranked first.

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