Skill System

The player's skill system includes three parts: Active Skill, Passive Skill and General Skill.

Each character will have 1 active skill and up to 8 passive skills, the initial active skills and passive skills players have when they get the character can not be modified in later growth, players can freely configure passive skills after unlocking more passive skill slots, the same passive skills can only be equipped with 1, regardless of level.

The upgrade of Active Skill, Passive Skill and General Skill requires the consumption of skill power-ups for the corresponding skill and some token.

Players can also trade loot boxes on Marketplace.

Active Skill

There are 20 kinds of active skills in the game, each Mirror NFT will get the corresponding active skills when it is minted out, and the active skills can be upgraded by buying power-ups from loot boxes, and opening loot boxes after getting active skills will not get duplicate active skills. Players can assemble, replace and select the active skills in the main interface of the game.

Passive Skill

There are 100 passive skills in the game, and the combination and number of passive skills are determined by the rarity and class of Mirror NFT. All characters initially carry passive skills, which cannot be replaced, and can be upgraded by using the corresponding level-up power-ups; players can also obtain passive skill power-ups for assembly by opening loot boxes.

Passive skills exist in skill schools as well as differences in rarity.

  • Rarity:

    • The rarity of passive skills is divided into R (36 kinds), SR (43 kinds), SSR (21 kinds)

General Skill

There are 4 general skills in the game, and all characters can get skills for free and can carry 1 general skill in the battle. Generic skills are skills that deal damage to targets within a certain distance during the game.

Skill Sets

There are different skill sets depending on the rarity of the character and the region.

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