The Story Mode

Story Mode Introduction

In this mode, the game unfolds as the story unfolds, with a total of 8 chapters representing different experiences, each with the same number of mini-levels but different pass conditions and rewards. Players use their Mirror NFTs to win in the Roguelike mode and earn different rewards, with each new chapter unlocked by passing the previous one.

The Roguelike mode is characterized by:

  • Random Conditions:

    • Limited time to destroy: defeat all enemies within the time limit

    • Unlimited time to destroy: defeat all enemies

    • Limited time to survive

  • Random Items: one-off items appearing on the map during battles

  • Post-battle Buffs: players will be able to select one of five random Buffs when they reach the pass condition on certain levels, which will last until they exit the battle or the end of the chapter.

This mode also includes 2 levels of difficulty, Normal and Nightmare, and **** Nightmare difficulty is unlocked after the player has passed all chapters of the normal difficulty.

Entry Requirements

Players only need to select 1 character at a time to take part in the battle, and entry requires energy cost, which is deducted when the player actively quits or completes the chapter.

Chapter Rewards

Different rewards are awarded for passing the different chapters, including different experience values and weapons of different rarities and so on.

The first time players pass a chapter there will be an added bonus that will only appear once for the same Mirror NFT.

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