Completed Milestones

Q4 2021

  • Mirror NFT Launched

  • Soul Chip NFT Launched

  • Mirror NFT In-Game 3D Model Completed

  • Mirror World Joined Blockchain Game Alliance

  • Hosted Mirror World's First Game-Related Party

Q1 2022

  • Mirror World raised $4 Million from Top investors in Seed Round

  • [Mirrama] ARPG Game Demo Production

    • [Mirrama] ARPG Economic Framework v1.0 Completed

    • UI Iteration Completed (Decided To Switch To Vertical Display)

  • [Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Game Demo Production

    • [Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Economic Framework v1.0 Completed

    • Started Work On Real-Time Matching System

  • Game Concept Film Released

  • [Mirrama] ARPG Game Demo Released

  • [Brawl of Mirror] MOBA Game Demo Released

  • [Mirrama] ARPG Alpha Test

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