Gaming Sandbox

Cross-Platform Development Framework for Decentralized Games


To generate digital worlds more easily, Matrix Core Engine will include a Gaming Sandbox with a toolkit for gaming creators and game development including editors, character abilities, skills development, sprite creation and package them into a rendering engine that targets the UI layer for cross-platform native systems.

The Gaming Sandbox's main purpose is to provide players with a platform where they can craft their own games. Professional-generated content, as well as user-generated content, will also be available in the sandbox. The platform will offer a low-code/no-code experience for game designers to draft their own worlds. We have already deployed the modules in the development of Beacon. Designers are already able to deploy tower defense-type games very easily with the current structure.

There will be a series of digital game worlds interconnected by the Matrix Core Engine, Sandbox Modules will empower game designers in the following ways:

Design Principles

Gaming Sandbox is game-type agnostic

Gaming Sandbox are low code

Gaming Sandbox supports multi-player online games

Gaming Sandbox supports decentralized storage

Gaming Sandbox supports cross-platform development and distribution


The gaming client-side is ECS-like, abstracting game actions, including skills, building, feeding, etc. Players can save their modded games and customized games, and recover when running it

  1. Introducing graphic editors to represent abstract behavioral data as graphic squares, binding them to player-designed heroes and buildings (or unbinding them)

  2. "Land" units can be decorated to construct player-owned spaces

  3. Processing user data with Hermés, improving data security and privacy

  4. Cross-platform development for HTML5, Android, IOS, Mac, and Windows, allowing multiplayer online gaming on multiple platforms

Attention: we are currently in the development phase of this tool kit, we will be taking applications with a very selective process for qualified game developers of any size and gradually open up our capabilities to game studios, you can find the application form here to discuss with the team:\

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