Matrix Blockchain Adapter - Hermés

Matrix Core Engine Bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 Development Through it's Blockchain Adapter Layer named Hermés.

The MirrorWorld Matrix Core adapter is primarily engineered to enable you to easily plug into the MirrorWorld Gaming Universe through our stack of contracts that would to allow your application to read and write to the blockchain via our adapter SDKs known as Hermés.

Hermes 1. / (ˈhɜːmiːz) / noun. Greek myth the messenger and herald of the gods; the divinity of commerce, cunning, theft, travellers, and rascals.

Hermés Contracts

Hermés provides smart contracts and SDKs across different that allow you to do the following operations for your NFT assets across multiple blockchains.

As of the end of Q2 2022, Hermés currently only support Solana NFTs. In the future, we intend to support multiple chains. We, therefore, intend to progressively roll out cross-chain support on Hermés in the coming months.

If the reader uses another blockchain apart from Solana, the reader may replace Solana with the blockchain of their choice

  1. Minting new in-game contracts.

  2. Collection contracts.

  3. NFT Upgrade contracts.

Hermés provides a **** and provide scale and improve performance for your gaming applications when building on Web 3.

Blockchain Support

Here is the Hermés Contract Support at this point in time.

ChainAsset mintingNFT upgradesMarketplace Trading



Binance Smart Chain


Starknet (Layer 2)


Hermés System Architecture

Attention: we are currently in the development phase of this tool kit, we will be taking applications with a very selective process for qualified game developers of any size and gradually open up our capabilities to game studios, you can find the application form here to discuss with the team:

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